Buy Fashion Bags From Doorstep Luxury

Doorstep luxury is one of Asia’s most popular online boutiques, selling hundreds of fashion bags online everyday, at the very height of fashion. With Doorstep Luxury offering consumers the most stylish purses & handbags too, you can be sure of finding exactly the fashion accessory you’re after. Although the Leghila fashion bags make up only a small amount of Doorstep Luxury’s range, the bags are fashionable, practical, sophisticated and sassy, and they really do have it all.

The main unique selling point of the Leghila fashion bags is that they’re all made from neoprene, a similar material to that of a wetsuit, and therefore they’re machine washable at 30 degrees celcius. Being lightweight yet a good quality and being colourful yet stylish, you really can shop for a handbag and find what you’re looking for in Leghila products, in no time at all.

There are three different bags within the Leghila range- the large B-bag, the mini B-bag and the G-bag, all available in various different colourways. The large B-bag from Leghila, priced at $385 SGD, is an iconic shape and available in bright colours, giving it a modern edge. The Mini B-bag is simply a smaller version of the larger bag, whilst the final bag in the range, the G-bag, is a more formal bag shaped like a satchel. It’s available in the same bright colours as the other Leghila bags, and therefore has plenty of fun injected into the design of it. The G-bag is perfect for either an important business meeting or a trip to the shops; take your pick.

Thanks to the work of Giovanna Dell’Onte, true handbag luxury is offered in the name of Leghila. With the very best fashion education under her belt, Giovanna has not only created a product that has qualities offered by no other fashion accessories brand, but she’s also designed a versatile product that women want in their lives.

After the collection of Leghila handbags was showcased in 2010 at the White Fashion Show, the popularity of the brand as a whole, and this range in particular rocketed, with it now being an extremely sought after brand. No matter what Leghila fashion handbag you purchase, you can be sure of buying a product that will last and last. As a result of the material of the bag being neoprene, the bags are lightweight yet stylish, as well as being unqiue in their appearance and feel.

So, if you’re on the hunt for a fashionable, on-trend handbag, that’s big enough to carry around everything you want to, whilst also being a material that will always look clean and fresh, check out the assortment of Leghila fashion handbags today; log onto Doorstep Luxury’s website, the shop for handbags, at This particular brand is also sold in hundreds of stores in Italy, as well as in various different boutique stores all across the world. Wherever you are, you’ll never be too far away from the handbag luxury of Leghila, so grab yourself one today- you don’t know what you’re missing.

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